Submit Online RTI request using Karnataka RTI website

Online Steps

Accept User agreement and click Submit in next screen

For the first time filing, Provide your email id and phone number. You don’t need to create a login. Your email id/mobile/OTP will be used for subsequent logins/status checks.

Choose “Karnataka Information Commission” in “Select Public Authority” from the long drop down list

Fill the highlighted details, need not select Taluk.

Location: Choose “Urban” for Bangalore location.

Fill in the particulars of RTI form, as per below. Assuming, you have a supporting document ready (RTI Request Document), attach it as pdf. Enter captcha code and Submit.

Note: RTI Request Document / Supporting document preparation is already explained in STEP 1 of this document.

Copy the Subject section from the Supporting document and paste in the “Text for RTI application” input box.

Browse and Attach the pdf of RTI Request Document (as Supporting document pdf). This is the same document that you prepared in STEP 1

In case you have any annexures to submit, include them along with the ‘RTI Request Document’ itself (STEP 1).

RTI website accepts a single pdf for your RTI request. So, prepare a single pdf that includes any annexures. Size of single ‘RTI Request Document’ (with annexures if any) should not exceed 1 MB

  • Supporting document pdf = RTI Request Document + any Annexures

Complete Bank transaction process:

Please record the bank transaction references. This will be needed during the RTI First Appeal process, in case no reply for your initial RTI application.

Once the payment is completed successfully, you will get a status of RTI filing and RTI Registration No.

RTI application status.

Note: Please save and print (save as pdf ) for future references

Congratulations! You have now completed your RTI Request. You can now close this document ☺!