As on 15/12/2020

As per govt orders you are required to pay voluntarily if you can afford, only the tuition fee,same as in 2019-20 but as per the present grade of your child & not for the grade of last year, notified increase of 15% not allowed and the school is restricted to collecting the same only for 1 Term and there are no further orders till today.

If you are harassed by deactivating the child from online class you have 2 options the choice is yours:

1. Don't show you are affected or get ruffled for missing a few classes don't rush to the School, if it is was a technical error they will capitalize on it and demand for fee, wait for 2 to3 days to resolve without any action, then complain to School & then to BEO and follow up with BEO.

2. Alternatively panic, get desperate and pay, since the order is to pay voluntarily nothing will be refunded, even if you complain, but do Complain to BEO.

All oral communication has no value, create a record, take screenshots of the message onscreen, include fee paid receipt, send E-mail to school, then meet the principal after 2 days with 2 hard copies, one to give & 1 for acknowledgement.

If the school does not resolve your complaint, please make a complaint to the concerned BEO, with 2 hard copies, one to give & one for acknowledgement, along with that attach a copy of the complaint given to school & screen shots of the message denying access or deactivating online class, include fee paid receipt.